The Board has decided to add these project rules, due to the fact that they were never put into writing and go into effect immediately. 

30. Satellite Dishes: No Satellite dishes will be allowed to be installed on the roofs or on the brick of any unit in Deer Creek. If owner chooses to use a dish network, he or she must place dish on pole in the mulch area of their unit. This location must be approved by the Board of Directors of Deer Creek. If owner discontinues the service, he or she must have dish removed from common area at their own expense. Any current dishes that were previously installed may be kept, but if they are not in use, they must be removed from common area at owner’s expense as well.

31. Skylights: No skylights will be permitted in any building in the future; this installation on common area (roofs) can cause roof leaks. Any currently installed Skylights will be the sole responsibility of the owner to maintain and repair if a leak occurs. 

32. Garden Hoses: Garden Hoses must be on portable or unattached hose reels and may be used to water flowers, lawns, etc. All garden hoses and reels can be placed on driveways but not before April 15th and must be placed back in their garage by October 15th of the same year. The new pocket hoses that are currently available, can be used as well, but must be placed back in their garage after using them. These items cannot be stored on the common area or around the water shut off valve.

33.  Hanging Baskets (mounted to brick): No brackets of any kind may be mounted to brick surface of unit for any purpose. Any currently being used must be removed by October 1, 2013.

34. Front Doors of all Units must be painted green. Therefore, your association will pay to paint front doors based on need so we can maintain uniformity. Storm door colors are owner’s choice. All windows and doors in a unit are the owner’s responsibility to maintain and replace.